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Enter holiday emails

holiday emailsHoliday emails are a great way to use this particular opportunity to promote your product. There are quite a lot of such occasions during the year, but few are as important as Christmas. Therefore, it is worth considering a properly directed and prepared marketing campaign. When it comes to practical tips, it is definitely worth making sure that everything in the message works as it should. Especially when it comes to the links that are in the e-mail. They should lead where you want them to lead. They must work flawlessly. The welcome message should be a design that stands out from the rest of the crowd. This is a great space to put information about the holiday shipping schedule or customer service hours.


What else is worth paying attention to?

holiday emailsHoliday emails are also a good way to remind would-be customers who have abandoned their baskets. Perhaps it is during Christmas shopping that they will realize that you have the product they need. So we encourage you to send them a reminder message. Also, remember that before starting a marketing campaign, you need to get to know your target customers and take action to find out how they spend their holidays. It is a good idea to search for information about different types of holidays and their meaning. Don’t forget about both American and World Holidays.

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