what it means to write well

Wondering what it means to write well?

what it means to write wellThe answer to the question about what it means to write well can be found in our post. Good writing goes beyond perfect grammar and well-structured sentences, although of course these are essential skills. However, in order to produce information that is truly useful and effective, we need to apply a broader set of rules. Being able to create information that really helps people use it gives a competitive advantage to the products, companies, and users of that information. For example, the latest Smart TV is less impressive if people don’t understand its exciting new features; a new IT system is a waste of money if no one understands how to set it up. While the basic principles of good writing have hardly changed, there are always new insights into how to apply these principles.


Principles of good writing

what it means to write wellIf you already know what it means to write well, then you will surely be eager to learn how to write well. Many technical experts can write grammatically and accurately. Some can even write sentences and paragraphs that clearly explain concepts and procedures. Few have the ability to analyze their audience and content to understand what their users really need to know. Even less common is the ability to structure and format information to make it easier for readers to extract the knowledge they need. With this skill, technical communicators have the ability to add value by creating information that gives enterprises a competitive advantage.

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