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computer securityIf you join us, we will help you increase computer security. At Real World Analytics, we take security processes very seriously to protect our data and, importantly, our customers’ data. We work with ISAS, which is a consulting firm dedicated to providing the highest quality information security advisory services and support to its clients to ensure that we do not run into any hacking vulnerabilities. The computing world is in crisis after vulnerabilities have been disclosed in Intel, AMD and ARM processors. Most computers and mobile devices have been exposed to security vulnerabilities over the years. Intel’s latest computing problem is the biggest security threat in recent years. Intel processors are found in 90% of computers worldwide, affecting billions of people. Learn more about computer cybersecurity errors.




The future of the cyber crisis

computer securitySome fixes can slow down computers. Intel says the amount it will be slowed down should not be significant. It turns out, however, that increasing computer security may come at a price. Some experts in the field, however, say that computers can be slowed down by 30 percent.

Google has announced that Android phones with the latest security updates are protected. Chromebook users need to update their version. Chrome web browsers are expected to receive the patch in late January.

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