Do you know how to utilize dead stock?

Using inventory to improve your profits is an easy way to avoid waste and improve your bottom line. Did you know

Real World Analytics offers a number of options to help you identify and utilize dead stocks inventory?

How to increase profits?

With Real World Analytics, you’ll learn some practical tips from Simon Eames, our Customer Success Manager Irish Pharmacy. If you have a livestock, you can see your dead inventory and surplus at any time of the year, and we can show you where these inventories can be used in your group. If your stocks are not alive, we have very useful predictive modules to identify potential dead stocks. ABC Inventory can upload your inventory results to McLernons. Even if you are not using live inventory, at this point your inventory becomes live, and for lines that are actually “dead”, your inventory data remains accurate until it is issued or sold. Darren Donoghue of ABC Inventory said it’s important to let them know in advance that you want to load an inventory so that the inventory is done with the appropriate level of detail.

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