how to make a digital prototype

Learn the secrets of how to make a digital prototype

how to make a digital prototypeIn a way, digital prototype is the art of illusion, creating what appears to be a product but is not, or is only one aspect of the product, in order to gather feedback that will tell you if your underlying concept is worth continuing or not. And if not, the reactions to your prototype will show a new and better direction of development. Some people believe that the prototyping phase is closed (or even indistinguishable) from the MVP phase, and there are certainly many projects where the first “build” is the MVP. However, the two types of pre-design are fundamentally different from each other. Typically, prototyping is followed by the development of a minimum viable product, or MVP.



Why is prototyping useful?

how to make a digital prototypeBeyond their obvious use – testing your product idea with real customers – digital prototype can be of great help in gaining stakeholder and investor engagement. Every financing proposal you make will be seriously enhanced by a tangible version of the product. But how to make a digital prototypePrototyping, and more precisely reacting to your prototype, helps to better understand the proposed features of your project, the risks associated with it, its potential impact on the market and whether you have an idea worth implementing or not.

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