Meet the complete data for car dealers

Too often, decisions at multi-point franchise dealers are made intuitively, supported by incomplete data. There are reports from DMS and other 3 rd external applications, but there are so many transactions and other activities that it is difficult to obtain information in an understandable form within the time frames required. Dealers are drowning in their own data, complete data for car dealers is very important. The business results of some of the largest auto dealer groups suggest that they are doing it right more than wrong. However, increasing competition, changing the way consumers buy, electric vehicles, and external factors such as Covid and Brexit, etc., make it no longer sustainable. In addition, the sales channel to the consumer is changing. In May, PSA dealers were given a two-year termination notice, and other producers signaled that they would also change their way into the market.  According to the respondents of the Global Automotive Executive Survey 2018 conducted by KPMG, up to half of car dealerships in Great Britain will close by 2025.




What can Real World Analytics give you?

Real World Analytics has built a secure cloud-based BI solution specifically for franchise dealers, which is used by the top 3 UK dealers and other dealers with just 4 points of sale. This is the only place they go to manage their entire business. The CEO sees everything that happens in one graphic dashboard. The function heads have a drilled dashboard that provides data from their DMS and third-party applications that are linked to their budgets and goals. Exceptions are resolved on an ongoing basis at all levels of the company. Automated DOCs for sales and after-sales provide branch managers and their employees with the information they need to meet their daily goals.

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