Meet the rakuten affiliate program

If you’ve never heard of the name, Rakuten is an app-based web service that helps people save when shopping online. The platform uses a special link to track the purchase and then returns the cash after payment. Rakuten offers a wide variety of options to get your money back, so it’s also very flexible. Their service is available in the form of a mobile app as well as a browser extension for your laptop / desktop. To start your journey as a Rakuten Affiliate program, you must go to Rakuten Advertising and enter the publisher registration page. You will be asked to provide basic account details and the basic promotion mode. You will also need to provide details of your active website and the amount of traffic it is getting. In particular, they will ask you about the number of unique visitors and pageviews you receive per month. Don’t worry, all you need to do is ensure your website is more likely to go through the approval process. Avoid visiting free blogs or website builders as you will likely end up on a disapproved list. Take the time to build your own internet presence with a personal affiliate page. After completing the registration process and receiving confirmation that you are officially part of the Rakuten Advertising team, you can start earning money right away from the comfort of your home!

Which companies does Rakuten have in its affiliate program?

The best thing about Rakuten is that you can choose from the biggest brands. From Macy’s to NVIDIA to Microsoft to LEGO, you’ll have a hard time choosing what you want to promote from such good options.

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