Getting started with swiftu and what should you know first?

Anyone who is even a little bit interested in programming is looking for solutions that can improve work. We are talking about technology that, for example, will accelerate the writing of the code or allow it to be checked at the time of creation. Of course, technologies are developing so strongly that they provide us with more and more interesting solutions almost from day to day. A perfect example of this is SwiftUi, or software from Apple, which is the new Apple framework for preparing application interfaces in Swift, the programming language for iOS systems. In practice, this means that Apple wants developers to define application interface states through visual action, and SwiftUI will automate the entire process of obtaining them, transforming individual tasks into code.

The main advantages of this solution?

If you are interested in getting started with swiftui from Apple, then you should know that this is a program that has literally revolutionized the way we look at swift programming. Currently, the process of creating a regular Hello Word allows you to get an illustrated vertical list in a few minutes, entirely in graphic mode, and the code in Swift describing specific states was generated automatically. The program itself consists of two columns, i.e. a code editor and an interactive mock-up. Modifications can be made on both sides, both by writing code and by modifying the visual view, like a multimedia presentation. Using SwiftUI, it will be possible to prepare the application interface for iOS, macOS, tvOS and watchOS, which gives a number of unlimited possibilities. It is also worth noting that the whole thing will work with the new version of Xcode and macOS Catalina.

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