Semilac top no wipe – why is it worth using it?

Semilac top no wipe is the perfect solution to get the maximum lasting effect and bring out the best in the colors. It cannot be denied that currently hybrid manicure is a very often chosen way to decorate nails. However, in order to be able to enjoy it for longer, it is worth considering a number of tricks that will strengthen it and improve its operation. Among them, semilac top no wipe should be distinguished. Thanks to it, we will not only save time, but also take care of our nails and obtain the most durable solution that will delight everyone.

Why is a hybrid top so important?

Both semilac top no wipe and any other hybrid top are an important element of any manicure. It is he who makes the varnish resistant to scratches and cracks, and the color does not tarnish or change the shade. The top itself is a colorless cosmetic that is last applied to the nails when performing a hybrid manicure. But that’s not all, because in many cases the top makes it easier to place decorations on the nails. As a result, if you want small elements on your nails, e.g. crystals or pearls, just put them on the uncured top and then place your hand under the lamp. Thanks to this, you can get truly unique combinations that will delight everyone. It is also worth emphasizing that the top has other advantages as well. Thanks to it, the nail stylization is more durable, the varnish does not rub off or detach from the nail. The top also protects the varnish against color changes. Therefore, when looking for the perfect top, it is worth considering semilac top no wipe and enjoying the unique beauty and durability of a hybrid manicure.

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