Air Arabia affiliate program

Earn money with air arabia affiliate program without leaving home

Air Arabia affiliate programIf you are looking for a remote job, i.e. without leaving your home, we have something for you. Thanks to the air arabia affiliate program, you will be able to earn real money from anywhere. Air Arabia is a renowned provider of the world’s finest travel and travel services. From booking flights and hotels, car rentals and full vacation packages, the traveler can make reservations for any such activity. They provide travel services to over a million customers every month. It is one of the favorite travel service providers of several travelers due to the quality of service they provide at competitive prices. Their affiliate program is quite popular with travel bloggers or social media influencers in the travel niche. They pay a commission based on the CPA model, and the payment is always made on time.


A few rules

Air Arabia affiliate programAs in every job, in the air arabia affiliate program you need to stick to a few rules for a successful cooperation. The sale will be tracked based on the links used. It is best to use the links of the DCM network to promote this offer. Publishers are not allowed to bid on any Air Arabia Terms or Paid Search Ads variations such as Google Adwords, Google PPC, and FaceBook Ads. Publishers may not use Air Arabianame or its variations in pop-up windows. Publishers may not promote Air Arabia in any sexually explicit, violent material or any illegal activity.

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