Find out about the characteristics of the brown blue long brick slip offered by Real Brick Cladding

brown blue long brick slipThe light gray mortar used in the brown blue long brick slip gives the bricks a unique look and really emphasizes the wonderful colors. Strong reddish browns and deeper light and dark blues make these long bricks perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. We can offer many colors of cladding for the facade of the house. Cladding made of natural clay and will satisfy the most demanding customers and will enrich any construction project with a timeless, magnificent finish. From single walls to larger commercial projects, these bricks are extremely popular with homeowners, developers and designers.


Why choose brown blue long brick slip?

brown blue long brick slipLong format brick tiles, including brown blue long brick slip, are a special range of modern and fancy brick tiles. The longest are over half a meter, and there are also 490 mm, 440 mm and 400 mm slides. All our long bricks are delivered with matching corners and can be supplied with patented adhesive, grout and sealants. Prices start from as low as £ 39 + VAT per square meter. Our collections of natural brick tiles offer a wide range of shapes, finishes, sizes and most of all colors.

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