Get inspired by the natural stone cladding – nordic gray face stone – by Real Stone Cladding

Nordic grey face stoneNordic gray face stone is a natural gray stone cladding interspersed with bright veins. This arrangement makes the interior look elegant and stylish. The colors are subdued and fit into any interior. The size of the claddings is 70mm high and they are randomly lengths with an average thickness of 20mm. Most of the stones are sawn on the back, sometimes also on the sides, which allows you to quickly and efficiently attach to the wall surface with a special glue. We offer four types of stone wall cladding: paving stone, random stone, split facing stone and straight-cut stone. It is worth getting to know them all and choosing the best one for your dream arrangements.

Why else is it worth choosing our nordic gray face stone cladding?

Nordic grey face stoneNordic gray face stone, as well as all our natural stone wall coverings, are available in the form of single pieces of stone and offer virtually unlimited possibilities to create any pattern and shape. They can be used not only on interior and exterior walls and facades, but also in landscaping elements such as garden walls, terraces, paths and stairs. Such a facade stone can be installed by an experienced DIYer or craftsman. They can be dry stacked through layered stone or stapled with mortar through a random stone.

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