Logicrane stacker crane

We present the logicrane stacker crane

Logicrane stacker craneHigh quality at a good price is what characterizes our products. Logicrane stacker crane is no different. This solution is a representation of high strength, functionality and reliability. Perfect for the storage of bulky goods, namely for storing pipes, plates, heavy tools, bars, profiles and more. We offer many variants of this system. Each of them is a guarantee of reliability and long life. The purchased option will certainly serve you for a long time. It is a great way to modernize a warehouse and make it more functional and user-friendly.







Individual approach

Logicrane stacker craneWhat we can guarantee is certainly an individual approach. Our employees will be happy to adjust the logicrane stacker crane to your needs and preferences. They will create a design that will be based on room measurements to ensure the best use of space in the warehouse. The great thing is that our multi-tower warehouse can be integrated with peripherals and the company’s ERP system. It is also possible to work with a water or laser cutting center. This, in turn, helps to create an ergonomic storage space. We guarantee that our solutions allow for the storage of goods in a safe and orderly manner. This translates into protection against damage.

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