Choose best sunscreen for face uae

The United Arab Emirates are synonymous with skyscrapers, sandy beaches and scorching sun. Places like Dubai and Abu Dhabi have average temperatures of almost 40⁰C! It may not be hot enough to cook an egg, but it is surely hot enough to tan your skin and ruin its color. We can’t escape the sun, can we? But we can definitely do something about it.

So, at VoucherCodesUAE, we bring you a guide to the best sunscreen for face in the UAE for men, women and kids!

Examples of brands and their best solutions

Neutrogena sunscreen works wonders if you suffer from oily skin. The sunscreen consists of a non-greasy, sweat-free formula that is resistant to abrasion. So this one is sure to provide long-lasting protection against sunburn while also keeping your skin smooth and soft. Nivea, on the other hand, is a brand you can rely on for the best sunscreen. This sunscreen by Nivea effectively protects against UVA and UVB rays. It has a non-greasy, waterproof composition that is quickly absorbed into the skin, leaving no feeling of stickiness. Thanks to the power of SPF 50, the cream is a fighter against the hot sun of the United Arab Emirates. This is the best face sunscreen in the United Arab Emirates.

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