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ETL OSSIf you would like to discuss the origin of your data, before and after preloading the etl oss database, schedule a consultation with us to find out how SunVizion’s offering of solutions and reporting tools can help. At a high level, this is created by associating BSS data (address points) with OSS data (service areas) and can be enhanced to provide a lot of other information. It can be enriched with data that indicates if address points represent existing customers, houses let in but not connected, not yet transferred with infrastructure, will be moved with planned infrastructure to be rolled out soon, includes recently departing customers, and many other considerations. This becomes powerful information for customer groups such as marketing and sales. It can be enhanced with live network events / health data, historical health trends, utilization levels, focus on network expansion, and many other data points. This is becoming powerful for operations-focused groups such as planning, engineering, and operations. It is also becoming an attractive source of data supporting algorithmic analysis, which allows to obtain further information about the entire company.




ETL OSSOrigin means being able to trace the history of the data, or in this case, their Etl Oss. The origin of the data becomes an interesting concept in this context. In a typical sense, data origin means being able to register a source system or address (e.g. from a specific Element Management System [EMS]) and reference it to a data point loaded into an OSS or BSS database. This means tracing his lineage before reaching the OSS / BSS database. The broad coverage provided by the SunVizion package means that there is a large variety of data available to enrich other data points. It is compiled in a common format, making it well suited for cross-linking.

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