Fire fighting equipment

Modern fire fighting equipment

Fire fighting equipmentEmergency services use a wide variety of devices that facilitate access to people trapped in vehicles and in hard-to-reach places. The fire brigade, which often comes to the scene of car accidents, takes people out of the cars involved in the accident. Specialized equipment is required for this. In addition, rescuers often have to work at height, so appropriate equipment will be needed, for example, safety tripods that allow lifting heavy loads, people on a stretcher, meet the requirements of European standards. Made of aluminum, equipped with secure elements, they are very durable and quick to install solutions. Of course, fire fighting equipment also has different types of stretchers, they can be made of fabric or aluminum, they must be easy to transport.



How is fire fighting equipment used?

Fire fighting equipmentFirefighters also use a safety harness that can provide fall protection when working in unusual conditions. There are also lines and various types of fastening, so that people who conduct rescue operations can feel safe. This type of fire fighting equipment is more and more often made of very light and durable materials, which greatly facilitates their transport. Safety harnesses are also used by people who work in the construction industry, on scaffolding, and various types of lifts. In this way, we guarantee safety against falling, often the scaffolding can be very high and surround the entire building. It is very important to put on the fall protection measures correctly, the harness can be easily adjusted.

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