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Meet how does predictive maintenance work?

how does predictive maintenance workHow does predictive maintenance work, or what is predictive maintenance work? If you don’t know what’s going on, it’s about money. This is a strong shallowing of the deep topic, although the conclusion is correct. There are also many emotions along the way, because business is not only money, but most of all people. In a nutshell, thanks to PdM, we can predict upcoming failures with a very high probability within a reasonable time horizon. Consequently, we can avoid unplanned production downtime.



What else is worth knowing about how does predictive maintenance work?

how does predictive maintenance workBy answering the question of how does predictive maintenance work, we can reduce the number of failures by up to 80%, and significantly reduce the number of unplanned downtimes, while coping to a large extent with the above-mentioned challenges. Meeting the growing market challenges and maintaining competitiveness requires manufacturing companies to allocate 15-40% of their total production costs to Maintenance. However, this value continues to grow! The evolution of the maintenance world does not end with prediction. The next stage of development is analytics and prescription maintenance.

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