What is product scale?

In the process of scaling, it can be said that it is an activity that ensures durability and stability of the product. A series of small but significant ones that meet and anticipate market demands. Scaling involves not only responding to user feedback and suggestions, but also anticipating user needs to increase market share. Is bigger usually better? When it comes to the number of users of a digital product scale, the answer is definitely yes. However, being a specialized and niche market of your choice, you still hope to capture as much of that market as possible. Scaling has broad benefits as well. Speed ​​first, because scaling should be about small, quick changes; any improvement in product functionality. At this point, your product is on the market, and quick response to user needs and feedback will help you expand your user base. A further benefit is performance, i.e. the fast iteration and testing process while scaling maximizes the use of developer time. And the last, but not worse, benefit will be a smooth operation, because small but still significant changes in scaling mean minimal disruption or difficulties for users. In an ideal world, they notice and appreciate improvements without the negative aspects of change.

What is worth paying attention to

You need a product that is not only functional and salable, but that can grow with your users. There are two key factors here: the growing size of the user group and the new development requirements that result from the expanded user base. At Boldare anyway, we’ll take your product and make sure it’s solid enough to withstand your expansion plans.

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