What will predictive diagnostics platform surprise you?

Track the status of machines and devices, create reports and generate predictive models in one place. The proprietary analytical engine allows you to use machine learning without the need for programming or knowledge of the theory of algorithms. We constantly respond to emerging innovations and trends which, combined with our comprehensive scientific approach and continuous improvement of the predictive diagnostics platform, make it always up-to-date and innovative.




Why is the analytical engine the greatest advantage of RSIMS?

The analytical engine is used to create predictive and inference models. It is also based on measurement, operational and production data, documentation, monitoring systems and expert knowledge. Information is collected in a dedicated database. An important part is the data pre-processing module that solves data problems (e.g. gaps) by transforming them, resulting in higher quality. This data uses innovative machine learning methods adapted by RS to predict maintenance and recommendation problems. More than 20 machine learning methods create an optimal model which is then added to the analytical model library with a range of models of many machine types (e.g. turbines, engines).

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