chinese fdi in poland

Chinese FDI in poland

chinese fdi in polandChina is investing huge capital in foreign direct investment (FDI) in Europe and North America. In the record-breaking 2017, it was about $ 100 billion! Chinese corporations focus mainly on acquiring technology, know-how or well-known brands and the most talented employees. In 2019, the Chinese invested around USD 30 million in Poland, which is less than the year before. This amount consisted of two investments identified by analysts – the construction of the Bafang Electric e-bike factory in Wrocław and the creation of a joint venture by the Polish PCC Rokita and the Chinese Shandong Shida Shenghua Chemical Group. According to NBP calculations, at the end of 2018, China controlled USD 942 million of investments in Poland.




Chinese foreign direct investment in Poland

chinese fdi in polandSeveral greenfield projects are currently underway in Poland, which should result in increased investment outlays. Capchem and GTHR are building electrolyte factories for lithium-ion batteries and accumulators in Lower Silesia.

The total value of these two investments is expected to be approximately $ 100 million. In the last decade, about a billion Chinese FDI in Poland, which gives Poland the 17th position in the EU – behind Hungary and Romania.

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