why should retailers have an online presence

Meet the answer, why should retailers have an online presence

why should retailers have an online presenceThe world in which we buy and sell today has come a long way from the traditional way a customer walks into a store and makes a purchase. The turn of the millennium brought a change in the perception of the business / consumer relationship. More emphasis is placed on ensuring that the client’s needs and expectations are met and rightly so. What about retail stores and online presence? No retailer can now deny the power of the internet. However, some companies are still skeptical about its benefits and how it can improve the company’s overall relationship with customers. Put simply, the internet provides your business with a great platform that allows you to easily interact, monitor and advertise to your customers.




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why should retailers have an online presenceIt cannot be emphasized enough how important it is for a salesperson to have a well-designed, user-friendly website. The purpose of your website is to introduce and educate the potential customers of your brand, and this cannot be done if the customer is unable to navigate your site. So, why should retailers have an online presence. Retail giant Harvey Nichols found that with a cool layout, neat product photos, and simple navigation, it really helped her website. Social media platforms provide sellers with a convenient way to reach their target audience. Retailers are increasingly turning to social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook to advertise sales, promotions and new product lines.

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