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With us, writing training materials will become simple and fun

writing training materialsIn many industries and sectors, we can provide writers who can design writing training materials and deliver training materials that your students will love, understand, and respond to. We have many years of experience in creating various types of educational content for many companies, from multinational companies to small technology startups, on a variety of topics. Our writers will work closely with you to ensure that we are developing educational content tailored to your requirements, no matter how niche or specialized your content is.



Experience a breath of fresh air in writing training materials

writing training materialsOur designers and authors will assist writing training materials in creating any type of electronic learning and teaching hosted on your website or intranet. We can work with your preferred tools or recommend what we think works well. We can create all the worksheets, exercises and teaching aids your students need. We can create content that can be delivered to your students through video or audio presentations. You can choose to combine learning in face-to-face sessions with online learning opportunities. This transfers control from teacher to student and is really useful in some organizations. 3di’s instructional designers can help you decide what learning elements will provide you with what you need.

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