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There is no need to convince anyone that automation is a key step on the way to improving the efficiency of warehouse processes. Part of this process is implementing automated warehousing systems and their management software. As a manufacturer and distributor of various automatic storage systems for almost every industry, we notice a growing demand for high storage systems in sheet metal warehouses. Due to the large dimensions of the products, the risk of their damage as a result of improper storage conditions, the interest of entrepreneurs in the use of automatic high-storage systems, which allow for significant space savings. One of the industries that is increasingly willing to implement automatic storage systems is the air conditioning and ventilation industry. Producers of air conditioners, plenum boxes, roof bases, silencers, chillers, air handling units, smoke extraction systems, air purifiers, heat pumps and accessories realize that the automation of warehouse processes has a very positive impact on production efficiency.

Which solution is best to choose?

In the case of ventilation and air conditioning systems, it is crucial to find a solution that will ensure the most effective storage of sheet metal. Including made of galvanized steel, stainless steel, acid-resistant steel, aluminum sheet, copper or plastic. Sheet metal is the basic material used for the production of a wide range of accessories for warehouse ventilation systems: ducts and fittings, a whole range of spiro, welded or welded ducts, flange connections, air intake, ventilation grates, flaps and hoods. All processes in companies are managed by integrated ERP-class IT systems that supervise every stage of work, from inquiries, through placing an order, to production and distribution.

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