mild steel enclosures

Mild steel enclosures for electronic equipment

mild steel enclosuresMild steel enclosures are products with really many advantages. Thanks to their unique structure and construction, they guarantee not only high resistance to a number of mechanical damage, but also excellent protection, for example against high temperatures. For this reason, mild steel enclosures provide new possibilities for storing and securing high-risk products. Mild steel enclosures are designed for the enclosure of electrical and / or electronic equipment as well as protection against harsh industrial environments. Consequently, it can be used as instrument housings, electrical, hydraulic or pneumatic control housings, electrical junction boxes or terminal wiring housings. Of course, functionality is not everything, as mild steel enclosures also mean impressive stylistic features that make it a suitable addition to any installation of high-tech equipment.





A little more about construction and finishing

mild steel enclosuresMild steel enclosures have a body and cover made of high-quality steel. The whole thing is smooth and fits perfectly, continuously stitching without embossing, notches or holes. This solution also includes door latches that provide additional security with a quarter-turn slot that requires the use of a special opening tool. Of course, the whole thing is properly sealed and easy to install. By adding an ideal price-quality ratio, we get a perfect solution. What’s more, the whole thing is covered with a special repainting powder, so we can easily adjust the color of mild steel enclosures to our needs.

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