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The modern arden storage system will facilitate your work in the warehouse

arden storageLogitowee is a brand associated with the design and implementation of automatic warehouse systems for companies from the areas of industry and logistics around the world. Our offer includes such products as an automatic sheet metal warehouse, long, heavy and unusual LogiTower goods. You will also find an automatic storage system for long items such as panels, pipes, LogiComb bars, profiles, as well as a LogiCrane stacker crane. Our services also include assembly, professional after-sales service and the support of over 60 specialists. We also offer a solution such as arden storage. Using it has many advantages. This group includes easy searching, security, the possibility of storing very heavy tools and the possibility of storing delicate goods.




Fantastic Logitower solutions

arden storageWe guarantee that our systems, such as arden storage, are of the highest quality and you will be satisfied with them. Our warehouse solutions are individual and comprehensive, including assembly, professional after-sales service and the support of over 60 specialists. It is worth mentioning the flexibility of Logitower projects, which are individually designed and adapted to the client’s needs, the conditions of his warehouse facilities, the type of stored goods and many other factors. The recipients of our automated warehouse systems are warehouses and distribution centers, as well as manufacturers in the machinery, metal, electronics, etc. industries.

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