what is a sales funnel

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what is a sales funnelSo let’s start from the beginning – what is a sales funnel. Also known as a marketing or conversion funnel, it is a long-term marketing process that starts with getting to know a given brand / company / product to the final stage of sales. The name is closely related to the structure of the funnel, narrowing down the group of potential customers at each stage so that at the very end they are only willing and ready to buy. Funnels are a form of building a relationship with a customer used in online sales as well as in traditional and B2B sales. The overriding value of the funnel is the freedom to define the length of its sales cycle, focus on achieving previously assumed business goals and constant control of the activities carried out. Therefore, we will answer the question of how to create a sales funnel.


What is a sales funnel and how to build it?

what is a sales funnelYou’ve already learned what is a sales funnel, it’s time to find out how to build it! The sales funnel process is identified with the AIDA model – Attention, Interest, Desire, Action. Note – the top of the sales funnel is often called TOFU (top of the funnel); Its activities include advertising posts, audio podcasts, and infographics tailored to the needs of consumers. This stage focuses on gaining the attention of customers, the so-called lead leads. Interest is a key stage in marketing, but most often overlooked by entrepreneurs. This is the time to refer the customer to the sales page with a detailed offer. MOFU – the middle of the funnel, is the middle and most important part of the process. Desire – this is the moment when the client’s interest grows with each passing moment. Action – ends the sales funnel process; at this point, potential customers are determined to buy. BOFU – the bottom of the funnel is the last stage of the funnel and this is equal to determined customers.

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