Automated dispatch software

Advantages of automated dispatch software

Automated dispatch softwareFirst and foremost, using automated dispatch software eliminates companies from having to reduce the manual dependencies that accompany traditional shipping practices. It also helps to alleviate delays, errors and reduce investments. This means not having to hire a lot of employees right from the establishment stage. These factors positively impact the customer experience and ensure timely and accurate deliveries. About 85% of marketers in the survey identified delivery as an important factor influencing customer experience, and additionally, their opinion of the company is closely tied to on-time delivery.


What is automated shipping?

Automated dispatch softwareSimply put, dispatching refers to the procedure of assigning vehicles and goods for efficient deliveries. All orders that come into the automated dispatch software are automatically received and distributed to the drivers on their shift. The system analyzes the delivery addresses and current location of the drivers and – based on this information – assigns them specific orders. This saves the flow of each order and shortens delivery times. This benefits not only the company, which is able to deliver more orders in a shorter time, but also the customer, who receives his food faster. Moreover, the system can choose the most optimal solution so that the order reaches the customer without delays.

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