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OSS developmentOSS development is very important. There was a time, decades ago, when the global telecommunications network was managed and monitored manually. There were operating systems to perform all the required administrative tasks, but they were human systems, not machines. As computers became more prevalent in the 1970s, telephone companies thought of investing in computer applications instead of people, successfully building the first OSS / BSS / NMS tools. As a side note, are you aware that the demand for the original OSS / BSS tools was so strong that it was the driving force behind the first creation of the Unix operating system and C programming language at Bell Labs to support OSS / BSS development.



What else will oss development help you with?

OSS developmentIf you are currently wondering how oss development can help improve the competitiveness and profitability of your organization, please contact us so we can provide support in this regard. The breadth of the SunVizion data model means that these insights are not limited to small data islands, but can provide insight into operational efficiency and costs; infrastructure and capital efficiency; service efficiency and customer satisfaction; and more.

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