Why is it worth using holiday email marketing?

holiday email marketingFor many, Christmas is the most lucrative period to earn income from successfully promoting your business and products on social media. And what is the most important channel you should consider when creating your holiday campaign? E-mail. This is one of the most engaging ways to reach current subscribers as well as attract new customers, especially at this time of the year. People like to know what’s going on, but they like it even more when news and offers are somehow tailored and personalized. The best source for finding such content is to look at their emails, which is why holiday email marketing is such a good solution.




Remember about legible links

holiday email marketingThere are a few rules to stick to if you want holiday email marketing to be as effective as possible. If you have a specific creative on a topic, don’t just point them to your home page, hoping they’ll find your way to your information. Create specific, creative landing pages that are clear that they come from your email and made it to your website to find out about the topic you sent them. Having one clear ‘call to action’ button to make a purchase, registration, order, or anything else is a great idea. You can even go a little further and create a special Christmas landing page that will put your audience in a particularly festive mood.


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