Work rope installation equipment

What is included in work rope installation equipment?

Work rope installation equipmentProtekt is a manufacturer of devices and entire systems that guarantee the safety of work, regardless of the profile of activity – it provides the following types of devices for working ropes: working heads and hooks – among them: hooks, carabiners, hanging hooks, various sizes of working hooks, assembly ropes, type heads UDI, extensions etc; telescopic poles with an electrical insulation certificate; auxiliary ropes for the fitter ropes and steel ropes up to 30 kN. The individual elements of the devices are work rope installation equipment. A wide range of devices for laying working ropes offered by PROTEKT is characterized by the highest quality materials, which translates into safety of use. For example, galvanized steel and PVC used in the hooks ensure their high resistance to mechanical damage and difficult weather conditions. On the other hand, polyester ropes for rope assemblers, available in diameters from 8 to 14 mm, provide the required strength in every work. The same applies to the accessories for laying cables on telescopic poles – the use of stainless steel guarantees efficiency and safety during work.




Meet the work rope installation equipment by Protekt

Work rope installation equipment

Work rope installation equipment is indispensable when it comes to the safety of work consisting in transporting and lifting heavy loads with the use of working ropes, it requires the use of specialized devices that enable efficient and effective work. For this purpose, equipment for the assembly of working ropes is used, such as insulating poles, hooks, heads and auxiliary ropes. It should be mentioned that items should be strong and durable enough to be worn comfortably and safely for users under heavy loads.


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