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The route to zero carbon book is now available

Route to zero carbonSkill Dynamics has published a white paper on route to zero carbon as part of the newly launched Think Leadership series by the recently appointed Executive Strategy Advisor Professor Omera Khan. The document is intended to provide comprehensive research into the role supply chain organizations can play on their path to zero carbon emissions. In particular in terms of reducing CO2 emissions, the barriers encountered and the skills required to become a carbon-zero organization. Climate change affects us all and we are all responsible for it. Both individuals and organizations play a significant role in accelerating the problem. The industrial processes of recent decades have had a significant impact on the global level of CO2 emissions to the environment, and these emissions are responsible for the climate change that the world is struggling with today.



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Route to zero carbonFor supply chains, zero carbon emissions is an exciting aspiration – one that promises compelling CSR and sustainability benefits and the prospect of useful cost savings. But how realistic is the goal of zero carbon dioxide emissions, and what challenges, both technical and organizational, need to be overcome to achieve this? What initiatives are underway and what skills do supply chain professionals need to prepare for the zero carbon road? You will find the answers to these and many other questions in our white paper on route to zero carbon. Go to our website and download it for free.

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