software user help

Software user help

software user helpBy providing your customers with transparent online help and support, you let them find the help they need immediately and take the frustration out of waiting for an email or a chat response, or freezing at the end of the phone. For you, this means reduced support and training costs, and greater customer engagement with your product. Great software user help ensures users get the most out of the software. It is typically delivered online, embedded in the software’s user interface, or published as webpages linked from the software.




Some key features

software user helpThe key to writing a really good software user help is to make it part of the product. Our support will allow you to create such a document based on several basic features. It is important to write only what users will actually need. For this, it is worth focusing on the use of graphics, videos, illustrations and tables, and embedding what you create as close to the user’s task as possible. You should also use analytics to understand search and browsing behavior and feed that understanding to improve help and product. Also, don’t forget to reuse as much content as possible; for buyers for software evaluation and for troubleshooting support staff. Properly writing such a document enables self-service, reducing the need for contact with technical support teams.

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