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Find out everything when to get flu vaccine

when to get flu vaccineThe seasonal flu vaccine is recommended by the World Health Organization each year by identifying the three most common strains of the flu virus. When is the best time to get the flu vaccine?

This year, they warn that the nasal spray vaccine is not being used because its effectiveness has not been established. It is recommended that you get vaccinated against the flu before flu season starts, as the antibodies may not take effect until two to three weeks.

Since flu viruses change every year, it is important to get the flu vaccine every year. In Ireland, the flu vaccine is free for those at risk, but you may be charged a consultation fee, unless they have a GP or medical card. In the UK.

The flu vaccine is free for everyone over 18 and at risk of flu, including people over 65, pregnant women and children between six months and two years of age.



How effective is the flu vaccine?

when to get flu vaccineThe flu vaccine is not 100% effective as the virus mutates and changes, but this is our best chance against such an unpredictable virus.

Influenza can cause illness in children and adults, and even death. When to get flu vaccine and manage to catch the flu, it is likely to be a milder dose and shorter lifespan.

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