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expo one day passExpo 2020 Dubai is a World Exhibition that has been taking place since 1851, the task of the exhibition is to present various countries, technological innovations, culture and cuisine from around the world. At the Expo in Dubai, we can visit 190 different pavilions from all over the world, Many countries presented their food here, we can try culinary delights from all over the world. Of course, we could see many new technologies, the achievements of science that will become everyday life in the future. Expo is a fair where we can learn about the culture of many countries, see what traditional costumes, dances, and various kinds of rituals related to culture look like. It is worth trying delicacies, for example chocolate from Switzerland or Belgian pralines. The cuisines of Asian countries, Vietnam and India are also popular during the Expo, we can try seafood, many dishes that cannot be found in restaurants in our country. It is worth buying an expo one day pass, thanks to which we will be able to visit the most interesting pavilions at Expo Dubai.



It is worth choosing an expo one day pass

expo one day passDubai Expo 2020 is also a lot of attractions for children, we can see many interesting facts from around the world, 3D animations, see fairy tales from different countries. This is, for example, Al Wasl Plaza, where we will see plush toys, we can also see a very interesting exhibition in Al Forsan Park. There are many thematic cultural attractions, children can use the zero gravity chamber, see a replica of the space probe. Tickets for Expo 2020 can be purchased online, and a one-day pass for the whole family can be purchased. Thanks to the expo one day pass, we can see the most interesting attractions offered by the Dubai fair. The fair covers an area of ​​over 4 km2, it is located near the airport, we can quickly get there by metro or take a taxi from me.

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