City sightseeing amsterdam

City sightseeing Amsterdam

City sightseeing amsterdamAmsterdam is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Europe, it is the capital of the Netherlands which attracts millions of tourists every year. Of course, the city sightseeing Amsterdam with bus is possible, which will take us around the city so that we can see all the attractions. Amsterdam has many monuments, we can also sail through the local canals. Throughout Amsterdam, you will find a network of 165 canals that have been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. We can take a boat trip, there are also restaurants, hotels and discos on the water. A very characteristic thing about Amsterdam is the architecture of the local tenement houses. The city is built on water, it is below sea level, with many buildings standing directly on the canals. We can also visit museums here, in which we can find valuable paintings and sculptures. In addition, in Amsterdam there is a van Gogh museum, which has the largest collection, we can also see a sunflower painting here.

City sightseeing Amsterdam is a good idea for a trip

city sightseeing amsterdamA very popular form of visiting the city is city sightseeing Amsterdam. The bus moves around the city, so we can visit the beautiful Panorama, canals, see the entire city architecture. It is also very convenient because we can get on the coach in different places. It is a very convenient form of sightseeing because we will be able to get off only in places that interest me the most, for example people who want to visit museums will be able to get off at the appropriate stops. There is information on the bus in many languages, so we will know where we are. Of course, it is also a great idea for sightseeing. If we are a person who is looking for entertainment, wants to go to a disco, take advantage of the many attractions of Amsterdam’s nightlife.

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