Meet our greece travel guide

greece travel guideDo you want to go to a country famous for its mythological tales of gods and heroes?

It’s perfect because our entry is a Greece travel guide, thanks to which you will plan and make your trip the best adventure of your life. When it comes to budget solutions, we recommend houses for 80 euro per night. They are not usually in the city center, but that doesn’t mean you will miss the beautiful views the country offers. When it comes to more expensive offers, you will surely find the right hotel for you and your loved ones, because there are plenty of them in Greece. Choose a convenient solution that will answer your needs and preferences. Greece also offers a wide variety of different types of fish and seafood and juicy meat.


Dishes worth trying

greece travel guideIt has been known for a long time that Greece is also famous for its delicious dishes that are worth trying. That’s why our Greece travel guide has a list of specific dishes. The dish that is considered iconic is undoubtedly the Moussaka. It is a combination of fried minced meat, cheese, tomato puree and eggplant.

It is not only delicious, but also beautiful, because it impresses with its wonderful color. Another suggestion worth trying is a Greek salad. It is famous not only in Greece but also in other countries. It consists of: cucumber, tomato, olive oil, salt and oregano. You can also add ingredients such as onion, olives, feta, green pepper.

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