Automated storage system for hagleitner

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Automated storage system for hagleitnerIf you are looking for a manufacturer of high-quality storage systems for goods of various sizes and weights, we have good news for you. Our offer includes such systems, and one of them is the automated storage system for hagleitner. If you are a manufacturer of cleaning agents and dispensers, this is the solution for you. The LogiTower two-tower automatic gas dispensing system for heavy and atypical goods will surely be the answer to your needs. The product is integrated with the crane. This system offers a lot of benefits that will make warehousing easier and more enjoyable than ever. Its strengths include warehouse security, handling fragile goods, handling heavy and bulky goods, and easy search.



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Automated storage system for hagleitnerLogiTower’s automated warehouse systems are suitable for various industries, especially for the storage of bulky goods. LogiTower racks are designed and manufactured to individual order, finding many unusual and special applications, especially for heavy and bulky goods. The most common applications are: sheet metal, pipes and logs, profiles and frames, metal parts, heavy tools and molds, and plates and panels. Automated storage system for hagleitner and other products are of the highest quality. Our warehouse solutions are individual and comprehensive, including assembly, professional after-sales service and the support of over 60 specialists.

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