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Check out sheet trolleys from GP Multisystem

sheet trolleysGreat quality sheet trolleys useful for all kinds of storage of sheet metal goods, but not only. Sheet-fed trolleys are available in several sizes depending on the needs and size of the transported products. The wheels are secured with a special aluminum die-cast for easy handling and safety. Check out the different models of sheet-fed carts and see their specifications.






Why sheet trolleys by GP Multisystem?

sheet trolleysGP Multisystem has a wide range of sheet trolleys in a variety of designs and styles. For this reason, everyone will find their dream trolley for their company or warehouse today. For example, a panel trolley has diamond wheels. It is distinguished by a welded steel structure and a one-sided usable surface made of plywood. The slope is 5 ° and the height of the side rails is 915 mm. It is powder coated with RAL 5010 blue paint. It is also distinguished by high resistance to mechanical damage. The tread is made of gray thermoplastic rubber, non-marking, on a plastic rim. Wheels with precision ball bearings. It has a non-woven cover and a foot cover. Contains 2 swivel wheels with brake and 2 fixed wheels. The circles are in a rhombic pattern.

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