flexible supply chain

Change the face of business with flexible supply chain

flexible supply chainBeing more flexible and developing a flexible mindset can help us see different angles of the same disturbing events. That’s when you start to see problems as challenges and discover new opportunities to move forward. This proactive thinking will permeate our lives, organizations, employees, customers, suppliers, technology and much more. The flexible supply chain can be a solution to the adaptation of the organization in the event of pandemic disruptions. The most remarkable and destructive changes of tomorrow will require a complete change in the way we solve current problems and challenges, such as how we perform tasks, how we activate change, how we innovate new propositions, how we identify the technology in which we apply our businesses and resources that we can use.


Some practical ideas

flexible supply chainIf you are looking for specific examples in relation to flexible supply chain, you will find them in our post. One is turning the product into a compelling experience just like Starbucks does. It has transformed the coffee market by developing a simple product, coffee, into a whole customer experience, making you feel cozy adding your name to the cup and providing Wi-Fi and a comfortable experience. You can try to surprise the hotel guest with a great gift, a positive message at reception, or a replica of a local craft box to deliver a hotel bracelet. Here are examples of the 101% of customer service that Ken Blanchard talks about in his book Raving Fans.

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