store sheets in metal industry

How to store sheets in metal industry?

store sheets in metal industryWondering how to store sheets in metal industry? Read our post and you will surely find out. The LogiTower storage system saves the space and time of your employees and customers. The company offers many configurations of its systems, and each is designed individually. Sheet metal storage in the metal industry is a careful process. Although durable, the material is bulky, heavy, somewhat flexible and prone to damage if mishandled, which can result in high material wastage, production time, complaint costs, etc. It often has sharp edges and corners, requiring exceptional storage in a warehouse . For this purpose, automated solutions, and more specifically shelves from our company, will work. They provide easy access to metal materials, protection and safety.



LogiTower Single Tower steel sheet rack

store sheets in metal industryIt is a construction thanks to which you will no longer have to think about how to store sheets in metal industry. This rack allows operators easy access to stored components and quick retrieval of individual items. This saves the time of loading and unloading heavy goods, and ultimately speeds up the process of fulfilling customer orders. The single-story LogiTower racking system allows for easy and efficient storage of many unusual and bulky products, such as sheets, pipes, molds, frames, profiles and long bars. The system works with the company’s internal IT system.

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